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Ayatana Coorg

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

About Ayatana Coorg

Ayatana takes all the stress away by providing not only well-furnished cottages but also private space to enjoy the best of Coorg. It includes decadent mountain views from private balconies in the cottages, a babbling brook running throughout the property, an infinity pool with unhindered views of the private roaring waterfall, and much more.

For the culinary aficionados, the multi-cuisine restaurant provides more than ample satisfaction, while workaholics can take advantage of the well-equipped conference room. Being one of the best resorts in Coorg, Ayatana also provides options for complete excursion trip for its guests, from unlimited personal trekking to outstanding adventure activities within the vast space of this unmatched property.

Your Room

Standard Room - The perfectly equipped room offers comfort and all modern conveniences. Measuring 600 sq. ft. Standard rooms are designed for work and relaxation with an ideal contemporary and classical amalgam that exemplify luxurious living.

Suite - The suite is for those who are look for well-appointed spaces. The rooms that looks into the expansive greenery, large workstations with high speed Wi-Fi connectivity, an LED television and in-room electronic safes. A well-equipped 820 sq. ft. room has all you need because your comfort is our priority.

Presidential suite - The vastly spacious suite with an area of 1200 sq. ft. features exquisite design and a host of amenities. With finest furniture quality which gives it a sense of luxury. Our Presidential Suite with large balcony looks out into the calming verdant greenery to reconnect with nature.

Ayatana Coorg package includes

  • Kickstart your day with Morning Breakfast

  • Get yourself an experience into the woods with Nature Walk

Activities at Ayatana Coorg.

You can spend a day doing any of the following activities

Trekking - Somwarpet offers some of South India’s most scenic and challenging trekking routes. Pushpagiri, Kumaraparvatha and Kottebetta are treks on every serious trekker’s must-do list and are conveniently located near Ayatana. A sizeable part of the trek will take you through scenic forests and past tiny springs. Bring a strong set of legs and a spirit that refuses to quit - and you’re good to go.

Ziplining - Get your adrenaline pumping and take an exhilarating flight on our state of the art ziplining course. Let yourself go and feel the freshest wind in your face as you fly through Coorg’s stunning landscape with the roaring waterfall as your personal backdrop.

Rope course - Let your inner child run free as you climb through our outdoor rope course. Make your way through a challenging setup designed to bring out the dormant adventure junkie in you. With experienced instructors, we’ll make sure your in safe hands.

Bird watching - The simplest things can make your heart sing. Shed the years of cares and wears of adulthood and take a walk with Mother Nature. Walk through some of the most stunning trails while keeping an eye out for some of Coorg’s vibrant avian population.

Off Road safari - Get a taste of adventure as you go deep into the heart of the Western Ghats on an off-road safari. The road less travelled leads to sights and places that are the things of myths and legends. See Coorg as the denizens of the skies see it - rolling hills covered in the dark green mystery of dense forests and wreathed in white mists. If you’re lucky you may even catch a glimpse of Coorg’s majestic wildlife.


Spa - Ever wondered what it means to truly relax? Look no further! The Wilderness Spa is a haven for the stressed and weary. Awaken your dead nerve-endings and rejuvenate your strained muscles at The Wilderness Spa.

Glass house - Picture this, a waterfall invites you to fall for the charms of the evening. The cicadas chirp their one-track-repertoire with their whole heart, making you open yours. What the ambience does for the eyes, the food - a tantalizing array, handpicked from across the globe - does for the heart, soul and stomach.

The forest Tavern - Unwind at The Forest Tavern, with the finest liquor and handcrafted drinks to please even the most critical palettes. Experience elegance like never before as you enjoy a beautiful view of the waterfall while you sip on a glass of wine or one of our signature cocktails.

Infinity pool - Take a dip in our infinity pool. Swim through the cool water as you enjoy a breathtaking view of our private waterfall straight from the pool. How’s that for magical? These are some of the things that we like to call the luxury of nature. Come, and experience it firsthand.

Water falls - A waterfall you don’t have to share. For once, you don’t have to share something this magnificent with hordes of noisy tourists with your very own private waterfall within the resort, enjoy a personal dialogue with Mother Nature. Steal away early enough, and you’ll have an entire waterfall all to yourself. Just you, the cold spray and the roaring in your heart.

How to reach Ayatana Coorg?

The resort is located in Coorg. You can easily get public or private transport to the location.

  • Nearest Railway Station: Mysore railway station is at a distance of 133 Kms from the resort. Trains from major cities are available to reach Mysore

  • Nearest Airport: Mysore Airport is located at a distance of 140 kms from the resort and whereas Kannur airport is located at a distance of 143 kms. Flights from major cities are available to reach Mysore.

  • Nearest Key Locations: Madikeri is the nearest key location at a distance of 52 Kms and Bengaluru is the nearest metro city to the resort at a distance of 264 Kms.

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