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Dubare Elephant Camp

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Once a training site for elephants of the famous Dasara procession in Mysore, the Dubare Elephant camp in Coorg offers a unique adventure to visitors by allowing them the experience of living in coexistence with the trained elephants, it is an ideal destination to learn about the various aspects of the history, ecology, and biology of elephants, as well as see a large number of Asiatic elephants stroll through peacefully as they enjoy their natural habitat. Being an elephant camp, the most popular activity would be elephant riding, especially appealing to children of visiting families. One may also take part in various aspects of caring for and interacting with elephants such as feeding them produce like ragi, jaggery, and bananas, witnessing the bathing of the elephants. Also can enjoy boating in river Cauvery.

Dubare elephant camp in Coorg is one the best places of visit in Coorg & it is 37 kms from Madikeri.

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