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Raja Seat

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Raja's Seat, a garden with beautiful flowering plants and skillfully designed artificial fountains, is located in Madikeri in the district of Coorg. The garden was a favorite venue to rejuvenate for the Kings of Kodagu, and they loved watching the sunsets sitting here as they spent some memorable time with their Queens. Even today, the breathtaking view of the Sun setting into the undulated mountains is mesmerizing. The delightful garden here is adorned with a multitude of flowers and is a treat to nature lovers, and the proximity of the location also makes it a preferred picnic spot for the locals. Visiting Raja's Seat is an excellent way to get a glimpse into the lifestyle of royal indulgence in Coorg. There is also a Toy Train available for your little ones to take a ride on and the fountains have been modified into musical fountains. Raja seat is one of the most visited tourist places at Coorg. Raja seat is in Madikeri Town & it is 0.5 kms from Madikeri, one of the best places of visit in Coorg.

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