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Madikeri Fort

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

This ancient fort was first constructed in the latter half of the seventeenth century by Muddu Raja, who was the king at that time, on the occasion of declaring Madikeri as the new capital of Coorg. The possession of this fort passed through various hands after it was captured by Tippu Sultan. Consequently, there occurred significant changes in the structure and design of the fort as well, the most major ones being made by the British. Presently, the Madikeri Fort houses the office of Madikeri's Deputy Commissioner, as well as other objects of interest to the visitors. These include life-sized elephants at the entrance, a museum, important artefacts and portraits. Situated in the Centre of the town of Madikeri, the majestic fort continues to stand in all its glory till date. Madikeri fort is located in the center of Madikeri Town & it is one the best places of visit in Coorg.

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